Van of Urantia

A Modern Day Spiritual Teacher

What makes Van of Urantia a great spiritual teacher is that he is a great spiritual student.  He has spent his entire adult life seeking for higher spiritual truth and applying himself to the study and practice of those truths.  He has kept his mind and heart open to ever-expanding spiritual concepts in his understanding of the infinite.  His spiritual search has always led him into higher and higher levels of selfless service; into action above and beyond mere intellectual study.

A Modern-Day Prophet

Van was raised Catholic and began his spiritual journey there.  He studied theology at Duquesne University earning 18 credits before deciding to leave in order to go into full-time street social service program serving alcoholics, drug addicts, and other social outcasts.  He was first ordained with New Evangelical United Bretheren in Pennsylvania and recieved a home-study degree from the Voice of Prophecy, for Bible study. He also was again ordained by pastors in Tucson, Arizona, in 1979.

For many years Van worked as a counselor and Christian minister at various halfway houses around the U.S.  He served as a volunteer prison chaplain in Arizona and in Mexico where he also provided counseling, food, and clothing to the needy.  In addition to his service work Van spent time devoted to his spiritual studies, living and working in various monasteries and churches, exploring different branches of Christianity.  He also studied various Eastern religions, the New Age, and Native American spirituality, which eventually led him to The URANTIA Book.  Although Van was a reverend with established authority as a Christian minister and extensive knowledge of the Bible, he recognized that God wanted him to study The URANTIA Book and so he humbled himself and became a student of Fifth Epochal Revelation and the study of the 2,097 pages of The URANTIA Book. 

Van ’s dedication to doing God’s will and his study of Fifth Epochal Revelation prepared him to eventually be the contact personality to bring through Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (The Cosmic Family volumes).  In order to do this he also had to study quantum physics so that Celestial Overcontrol could use those concepts in Van ’s mind to relate the Ascension Science teachings they needed to convey.  Van, as an Audio Fusion Material Complement, is very much a student of the information being brought through him and is awake and aware in the process, which is different than the vessel of the URANTIA Papers, who was in a sleep state and unaware.  In being an Audio Fusion Material Complement since 1989, Van and Niánn Emerson Chase have become the highest spiritual teachers of these concepts on the planet, and the leading authority on past lives and starseed reality.

Niánn is Van ’s highest spiritual complement and an integral part of the Audio Fusion Material Complement Process.  The balance of having the female circuitry and the male circuitry working together in spiritual leadership is divine pattern.  Van and Niánn teach together on topics, Van sharing from the Father/Son circuits and Niánn from the Mother circuitry, giving a completeness of perspective and a holistic balanced view.