Van of Urantia

The Pioneer of Spiritual-Vocal Music: Van of Urantia

Van of Urantia posing with guitar in front of Mt. Shasta before concert

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Van of Urantia has been singing and making music since he was boy. He spent years actively performing in Pittsburgh's nightclub-scene before experiencing a spiritual awakening at age 24. In 1985, he released the world's first New Age vocal album, Unicorn Love, at a time when the music industry insisted New Age music could not be vocal.

The success of Unicorn Love, indicated through the subsequent burgeoning of the New Age vocal genre, still stands as one of Van of Urantia's most meaningful contributions to the global music scene. Since then, he has fused his spiritual walk with his musical talents to create some of the planet's best higher-consciousness music.

He is currently focusing his musical career on the offering of Spiritualution Concerts to cities around the world that have experienced tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, or other forms of devastation, and that are most in need of spiritual upliftment. Those interested in arranging a Spiritualution concert in their city can call Mycenay at 520-398-2542.

Van of Urantia writes songs from his own soul experience, expressing the agony and ecstasy of life. He touches and inspires the hearts and minds of his listeners, giving them hope in the midst of the day-to-day struggles of life.